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GTDriver - Hardware Compatibility List

The Hardware vendors are currently silently replacing the chipsets in their cards. These new chipsets are incompatible and there is no way to determine which chipset is inside without opening the device. You should try the cards before buying them! Sorry for any inconvenience.

Vendor Name MAC-Range ChipSet Status
D-LinkDWL-G650 B1AtherosDoes not work.
SMCSMC2835W V2Prism FrisbeeNot supported!
3Com3CRWE154G7200:0d:54:9fPrismGTVerfied! Developer Hardware.
DrayTekVigor 54000:0c:20:00PrismGTReported to work!
SMCSMC2835W00:04:E2:81PrismGTReported working!
SMCSMC2802WPrismGTShould work.
D-LinkDWL-G650 A1PrismGTShould work.
AllnetALL0271PrismGTShould work.
NetgearWG511PrismGTShould work.
coregaWLCB-54GTPrismGTReported working!
>binaervarianz >projects >GTDriver