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GTDriver is the first Open Source (GPL) Driver which supports 54Mbit cards under MacOS 10.3 & MacOS 10.4. Unlike others, the design of the Prism GT chipset allows all software components to be open. Even though it is untested the software might work as well with Darwin.
  • nearly configuration free
  • support for different WEP-password encodings
  • easy installation and removal
  • support to set custom MAC-addresses
  • monitor mode support (new!)
  • support for MacOS 10.4 (new too)
To install the software, mount the disk image and click on the install icon. A command prompt will appear and ask for your password. Make sure that you are an administrative user.
After the completion of the script; insert your card and open network configuration to assign an IP address to the device.
Dr. Konrad Hofmann from the Technical University of Ilmenau for helping me with the specs.
Stefan Aschenbach did the logo design.
Some parts of the driver are similar to the AppleIntel network driver.
>binaervarianz >projects >GTDriver